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Nuclear Weapons and Ancient Civilizations

United Nations Chief, Kofi Annan, has urged the U.S. to cut its nuclear arsenal and I would say that he is right.

Ancient Hindu writings indicate that a former advanced civilization used foul weapons of war in the past to bring about great destruction. In fact, it is apparent that there were two civilizations prior to the present one, the civilization of Lemuria, which existed millions of years ago, and the civilization of Atlantis which existed at least hundreds of thousands of years ago. Both these civilizations were destroyed through nuclear holocausts.

Hindu texts refer to the “Brahma weapon” and the “Agneya weapon.” Both of these were atomic weapons.

The following text is taken from the Mahabharata and describes the devastating effects of the so-called “Agneya weapon.”

Perhaps we should heed Annan’s advice lest we share a similar fate.

“A blazing missile possessed of the radiance of smokeless fire was discharged. A thick gloom suddenly encompassed the hosts. All points of the compass were suddenly enveloped in darkness. Evil winds began to blow. Clouds reared into the higher air, showering blood. The very elements seemed confused. The Sun appeared to spin around. The world, scorched by the heat of that weapon, seemed to be in a fever. Elephants, scorched by the energy of that weapon, ran in terror, seeking protection from its terrible force. The very water being heated, the creatures who live in the water seemed to burn…”
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