Mark (mark33) wrote in anti_passion,

New Age

It is true to say that the New Age, and that which is to follow the significant year of 2012, will come. But it is also true to say that if this Age is to be enjoyed by men of women of Earth, it will have to be worked for by dedicated effort for the benefit of the whole.

The following is an excerpt taken from Dr. George King's book, The Three Saviors Are Here, and deals with the coming New Age and the necessities entailed with bringing this Age about.

“The Aquarian Age, with its emphasis on improvement of the conditions for the mass of humanity, demands the metaphysician to spend his time in service among men rather than isolating himself from mankind as he has been recommended to do throughout the past centuries in order to enjoy personal bliss. As the Aquarian experience cycle advances, more and more emphasis will be placed upon service in order to improve the educational systems and living conditions of the majority.”

A revised version is posted in aetherius_path.
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