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Good Friday

“Good Friday”, so-called, and the weeks leading up to it was a very solemn time. It was the worst time for the first Christians. Things came down very hard on Jesus at that time, prior to the crucifixion, and He played right into it. It was, in fact, His plan, and a brilliant plan it was, leading up to one of the most disgusting acts that the human race has ever carried out.

What many do not realize is that Jesus did not die to forgive our sins. He died for our sins but not to forgive them. There is a universe of difference between the two. Forgiveness, in the great Cosmic Scheme, does not exist.

Not that one should not forgive another for the wrong done to them; one certainly should. But there is a great Law called Karma and God is that Law, and that Law dictates that as one sows so shall that one reap. God would not negate an essential part of Itself.

Therefore, necessary lessons must be learned as a result of wrong thought and action before that wrong thought or action can be, not forgiven, but transmuted. In the end, we forgive ourselves through correct action.

Jesus died on the cross as a manipulation of Karma on behalf of the entire human race in order to alleviate a major world catastrophe which was due in those days. As a result, humanity is living on borrowed time.

Humanity lives by the Grace of the Great Ones. And this is so and has always been so.

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