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While today, Christians throughout the world celebrate the Resurrection of a great Master, and rightly so, it is important to remember that this feat was not unique. There have been other great Beings, versed in the occult sciences, who had brought about the same condition as did Jesus after the crucifixion.

It is true to say that throughout the centuries, the human race could not have continued in the way that it has without some great Entities holding a certain balance on its behalf.

Great Spiritual Beings, like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Patanjali, Lao Tzu and Others, had not only given glorious and sublime Teachings to a race which, for the most part, would reject them, but also performed great manipulations, holding in abeyance certain inevitable results due to the fall of man.

The very presence of Beings like this on Earth would guarantee the continuance of the race without gross interference by some terrible catastrophe.

Even in modern times, up to the present day, mankind is dependant upon highly evolved Entities whose presence alone preserves some semblance of “order” to prevailing conditions, which would otherwise deteriorate into utter chaos.

On Earth, we have The Spiritual Hierarchy, which has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years and is comprised of Ascended Masters, People who have, through Spiritual Knowledge and Evolution, been able to break away from the wheel of death and rebirth and have attained immortality in much the same way that Jesus demonstrated this great feat through His own Resurrection.

These great Masters have, for the most part, worked behinds the scenes living in secret retreats in the East. But there have been some who have worked more in the open, so to speak.

An outstanding example of this in the West is Count Saint Germain, who continues to baffle French historians because he crops up through French history for a period of at least 200 years.

Saint Germain was seen at the court of Louis XV and much later at the court of Louis XVI. And there are many stories connected with this Man.

One such story is of a conversation that Saint Germain had with a prominent woman in France. The woman met Saint Germain again 50 years after this conversation and said, “I knew your father.” And Saint Germain said, “That wasn’t my father, that was me. I remember the conversation.”

Saint Germain never appeared to be over the age of 45 in the centuries that He made Himself known as the Ascended body does not age as such.

And of course, at the head of The Spiritual Hierarchy is the Holiest of Holy Masters, the Great and Illustrious Lord Babaji, who is not even of this Earth. Lord Babaji came to this Earth at least 18,000,000 years ago and still resides in India in the same physical body.

Again, the human race continues by the Grace of the Great Ones. And this is so, and always has been so.

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