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Our intent is not to criticize the Christian Faith.

Our intent is not to ridicule the beliefs of the faithful.

Our intent is not to raise the tenets of one faith over another.

Rather, our intent is to offer an outlet of dissent for those individuals weary of perceived religious fanaticism.

Our intent is to show that we, regardless of religious background can elevate theological discourse to a tolerant and civil level; an element all too lacking in todays world.

Our intent is to express the higher Truths of Christianity, Judiasm, Islam, Bhuddism, Jainism, Hinduism etc. that the pillars of modern organized Religion fail to understand.

Please feel free to join and post, regardless of your opinion, however, know that we will answer in accordance with our understanding of the truth.

However, if anyone so choses to be rude, vulgar, inappropriate, intolerant etc...We will not hesitate to extend to you, similar courtesy.


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